Set of 2 Deck Belt For Yazoo YR 60 #'s 205395 & 205-395, 3/8 x 95 Also For YR 76

Set of 2 Deck Belt For Yazoo YR 60 #'s 205395 & 205-395, 3/8 x 95 Also For YR 76
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    You Are Purchasing 2 Yazoo YR 60 Deck Belt
    Our replacement parts are from a US manufacture and US made to OEM specifications.
    They meets and exceed OEM specifications.
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    The deep V-design of the Wedge V-Belt enables a smaller belt to carry a bigger load.
    It can operate at higher speeds up to 6,500 feet-per-minute.
    In most installations, smaller diameter sheaves can be used permitting shorter center distances

    Wedge V-Belts were created to meet the needs of manufacturers using higher power transmissions
    with reduction in the space requirements.
    Wedge V-Belts can transmit higher powers to the extent of 1.5 to 2 times the amount of classical belts with the same top width.
    This has been achieved by the dimensional changes along with a better cord construction
    and the optimum placing of the cord line to best support the cord while in motion.
    The proven wedge configuration assures stability when heavy shock loads are encountered.

    Recommended for all heavy duty drives requiring high horsepower and a compact design
    when space and weight are limiting factors.
    Oil and heat resistant and static dissipating. Narrow Wedge V-Belts are measured on the outside diameter.
    (Example 3V500=50"OD).

    Deep Wedge V-Belt
    Built for Strength and Endurance
    Heavy Duty Construction
    Oil and heat-resistant
    Static Dissipating

    Replaces OEM #'s:

    Kees 205395 and 205-395
    Yazoo 205395 and 205-395


    Width: 3/8"
    Length: 95”

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