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AA85 Belt Fits Castelgarden, John Deere, Viking, Husqvarna, Stiga and Sabo

AA85 Belt Fits Castelgarden, John Deere, Viking, Husqvarna, Stiga and Sabo
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    You Are Purchasing 1 AA85 Belt For John Deere
    Fits 36" Deck
    Our replacement parts are from a US manufacture and US made to OEM specifications.
    They meets and exceed OEM specifications.
    We sell a quality product at a reasonable price


    Our Kevlar belts are made with high-strength Kevlar cords for heavy duty applications.
    Kevlar® corded belts, also called Aramid or extra-heavy duty belts are constructed of organic polyaramide fibers that are manufactured using complex chemical processes.
    **Interesting fact: Kevlar® is the same material bulletproof vests are constructed with.
    Kevlar belts are ideal for any mower, tiller, snow blower, leaf blower or other type of small engine equipment.
    They are Oil and heat resistant.

    Replaces OEM #'s:

    Castelgarden CG35065700H0, 135065700/0 and 35065700/0
    Honda 80305-Y09-003
    Iseki Y09 and 485041-003
    John Deere SB35065700/0
    Rotary 15546
    Sabo SB35065700/0
    Sabre SB35065700/0
    Solo 350657000
    Stiga 1136-0437-01
    Viking 6125 704 2110 and 61257042110

    Fits Models:

    Fits Castelgarden, John Deere, Viking, Husqvarna, Stiga and Sabo Rear Discharge Mowers

    Compatible With the Following Models:

    Sabre 1336HR Okay Hydro 92 Sentor formula1 14.5/92H

    Honda Solo 560 h/Hydro, 561

    Stiga Estate President 16/92H, Royal Hhst, Senator Hhst, Senator HST Viking MT540-MT545, MT580, MT585

    Honda HF2113, HF2114, HF2114 K1, HF2114 K2, HF2315 HME, HF2315 HME/A, HF2315 SBE, HF2315 SBE/A
    HF2315 K1 HME, HF2315 K1 HMF, HF2315 K1 SBE, HF2315 K1 SBF Iseki: Ju 130, 130 H Ju Ju 135
    Ju 135 H, Ju 2135, Ju 2135 H, cm 7114 H Sabo 52 Pump, 92-'13H, 560, 567, 567 Twin 92

    Castel Garden GGP PG140HD, tp13,5/92 (H), TP15/92, XG135HD, XG140HD, XG140, XG145HD, XG170HD
    XG175HD Brill 92/13.5, JP92H Ydro, Duocut Junior 10.5/92 JP92, Junior 13.5 92 HYDRO

    Sabo 92-' 13H, 560,567, 567TWIN92
    John Deere LR125 and LR135


    Width: AA
    Length: 88"

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