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Nylon Deck Roller For Dixie Chopper 67240

Nylon Deck Roller For Dixie Chopper 67240
    Code: 13633
    Price: $7.99
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    You Are Purchasing 1 Nylon Deck Roller For Dixie Chopper (Short)
    Our replacement parts are from a US manufacture and US made to OEM specifications.
    They meets and exceed OEM specifications.
    We sell a quality product at a reasonable price


    Replaces OEM #'s:

    Dixie Chopper 67240

    Fits Models:

    Fits Dixie Chopper Classic, Silver Eagle, Xtreme and Run Behind

    Fits Dixie Chopper 3360(2008),3372(2008),5018 Magnum (1983-1988),5020 Sidewinder(1983-1988),6024 Sidewinder (1983-1988)

    Fits Dixie Chopper Classic 2550 (2008),2550 (2009),2550 (2011),2750 (2008),2750 (2009),2750 (2011)
    2750HP (2008),2750HP (2009),2750HP (2011),2760 (2008), 2760 (2009),2760 (2010), 2760 (2011),3060HP (2008)
    3060HP (2009),3060HP (2010),3060HP (2011),3360HP (2008), 3360HP (2009),3360HP (2010),3360HP (2011) 3372HP (2009),3372HP (2010) and 3372HP (2011)

    Fits Dixie Chopper LP3000-60 (2006),LP3000-60 (2007), LP3000-60 (2008),LP3000-72 (2006)
    LP3000-72 (2007),LP3000-72 (2008) and LT1800-34 (2007)

    Fits Dixie Chopper LT1800-44(2007),LT2000-36(2005), LT2000-44 S/N 6057252 and Up(2006)
    LT2000-44 S/N SE5000001 and Up(2005),LT2000-50 (2004) LT2000-50 S/N SE3000001 and Up(2003)
    LT2000-50D (2004),LT2000-50D S/N 6057252 and Up(2006), LT2000-50D S/N SE3000001 and Up(2003)
    LT2000-50D S/N SE5043301 and Up(2005),LT2300-50D (2007), LT2400-44D S/N SE5000001 and Up(2005)
    LT2400-50D S/N SE5043301 and Up(2005),LT2500-44D (2007), LT2500-44D S/N 6057252 and Up(2006)
    LT2500-50D (2007),LT2500-50D S/N 6057252 and Up(2006), LT2700-60D (2007)
    LT2700-60D S/N 6057252 and Up(2006) and LT2700-60D S/N SE5043301 and Up(2005)

    Fits Dixie Chopper LX2000(1997),LX2000-42 S/N 8916618-8919915(1998),LX2001 (1997)
    LX2001-42 S/N 8916618-8919915(1998),LX2400 (1997), LX2400-42 S/N 8916618-8919915(1998)
    LX2401 (1997),LX2401-42 S/N 8916618-8919915(1998) and Mulch-a-Vac (1998-2001)

    Fits Dixie Chopper RB2700-34 (2006),RB2700-44 (2006), RB2700-50 (2004)
    RB2700-50 (2005) and RB2700-50 (2006)

    Fits Dixie Chopper RT2760 (2008)

    Fits Dixie Chopper SE2550 (2008),SE2550 (2009),SE2550 (2010),SE2550 (2011)
    SE2550 (2012),SE2750 (2008),SE2750 (2009),SE2750 (2010), SE2750 (2011)
    SE2750 (2012),SE2760HP (2008),SE2760HP (2009),SE2760HP (2010)
    SE2760HP (2011) and SE2760HP (2012)

    Fits Dixie Chopper SP2800-60 S/N 6057560 and Up(2006), SP2800-72 S/N 4043976 and Up(2004)
    SP2800EFI-60 S/N 4043076 and Up(2004),SP2800EFI-60 S/N 5051029 and Up(2005)
    SP3000-72 S/N 4043976 and Up(2004)

    Fits Dixie Chopper The Pup (2000-2005)

    Fits Dixie Chopper X2000 (1997),X2000-50 S/N 8916618- 8919915 (1998),
    X2001-50 S/N 3039028 and Up(2003),X2001-50 S/N 4044008 and Up(2004)
    X2001-60 S/N 4043076 and Up(2004),X2003-50 S/N 5051479 and Up(2005)
    X2303-50 (2007) and X2400 (1997)


    ID: 5/8"
    OD: 3"
    Length: 3-3/4"

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